Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello!! Here are some pictures from our housewarming party!! Thank you to everyone for helping us (mom, Stephanie, Aunt Ginny, Domenica & Jaimie!) You all are wonderful and Kevin and I truly appreciate it! But first are a few pictures of mine and Kevin's God Daughter, Peyton May!

Some Housewarming Pictures:

Kevin and Me <3

Mama, AG and Me

My Girls!

Jaimie Lynn & Me

My Scrapbooking Room...My Favorite Part =)

Our Master Bedroom:

Two of our Spare Bedrooms:

Our Hallway and Downstairs Bathroom:

Our Living Room:

Our Kitchen Table:

Kevins Man Room:

Kevins grandpas (FDNY) and dad (volunteer).

Picture of my Papa that I made of all his Yankee stuff!

Picture of my dad's little league team (bottom left) picture of NY Giants winning the super bowl top left.

Our Dining Room:

I get it from my mama! =)


Bryan and Katie said...

your house is AWESOME!!! I LOVE the scrapbooking room...when I come to visit you can I sleep in there?? you guys did a grea job decorating-you totallly did get it from your mama. I also love all of the personal touches in kevin's man cool. You can really see how tiny Peyton is in those bottom pictures!! She's so small and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again guys!! You guys did a wonderful job decorating and a successful party!!

Anonymous said...

You and Kevin should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Great food, great people, great house.....great party!
Great seeing you.
Love, A. Ginny

The Preira Family said...

Your party was da bomb!!! The coolest people were there and the food was great!

PS. You need to get that Sangria recipe from Jamie and post it on here :)