Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3 Ingredient Crockpot Recipe: Buffalo Chicken

yum yum yum...easy and simple!!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

4 breasts of chicken
1/2 a bottle of Texas Pete's hot sauce
1/2 a packet of ranch seasoning

Throw the frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot...

Place sauce and seasoning on top...

Cook on low for 10 hours...when finished shred chicken...

Place on a roll and enjoy!!

It is as simple as 1-2-3!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies!!

My husband and I decided that it was time to add on to our family....well......WE ARE PREGNANT!

We couldn't be more excited! Of course the minute I found out I was pregnant I went into baby mode! Planning, planning, planning! My OCD kicked in and I went full steam a head! First thing is first how was I going to tell Kevin!! Well here is what I did..

A bunch of amazing bloggers/etsy shop owners chimed in with all the excitement!

One of the ideas I had for Kevin was this amazing card made by Silly Reggie!

Introducing Silly Reggie:

Born and raised in sunny Florida, I started my "artistic career" doodling Nickelodeon characters in my Lisa Frank binder. 

Graphic design ended up being a fun hobby in college--creating a poster for a friends comedy show or prettying up my mundane powerpoints. I graduated with a non-art major (but an unofficial expertise in illustrator), and from there, my job and boyfriend kept me in the Northeastern US. 

After a few months at my number-crunching job, I realized my co-workers may have grown tired of my continual puns and nerdy design conversations. With that, on a whim I created Silly Reggie as a fun, creative outlet during the holiday season in 2011. 

Big thanks to Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' but a G Thang" and Hanukkah's exciting Dreidel game for being my inspiration to produce one of my first (and best selling) cards.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy!

Baby Bump -  New Dad, Pregnancy Card

He was so excited!!! We both jumped up and down like two little kids in a candy store!!

The The Pea Pickin Heart made this amazing sign for me:


The Pea Pickin Heart 

My name is Elizabeth Jewell, I'm 26 and have been married just shy of 6 months to a police officer. My alter ego is a 911 dispatcher at night but I spend the days making crafts for my little shop. We liv near the beach with out chocolate and black labs, Gunny and Blue. I started my business after our wedding and based the products around all the things I created for that time in our lives, my goal is to turn it into a career so that someday we have the time to devote to raising a family!

So I got to work! I got my dog, Jack..and instantly started taking pictures!

I decided to put a whole package together for our family to really get them really excited!!

The next step was telling our families and friends! I made this "Baby Announcement" sign for our families! I decided I just didn't want to show them the sign or hand them a picture I needed to do it in a fantastic way!!

So we took pictures...

And I put together mugs for each grandparent...I will get to those in a second..

these super cute stickers!!
 I attached them to everything and anything!

Fleurde Lis A Paperie

We are three sisters with a passion for all things beautiful {tutto bella}. We have many things in common. Obviously, we are blood…family for life. All our names start with a J – Jessica, Jenna and Jodi. We are all mommies – between the 3 of us, we have 5 children and they are the loves of our lives. We all married our high school sweethearts {love our Irish/Scottish hubbies}. We all studied abroad in Florence and LOVE Italy – sometimes dreaming we were all back there sipping vino on the cobblestone streets. We all love weddings and believe true love lasts a lifetime. We love catching up on the latest trends in fashion, colors and decor, while remaining true to the classics. We love good photos, cocktails and a memorable party. And we believe the details, even the smallest detail, can make all the difference.
We are different too. With a background in Public Relations and wedding planning, Jessica {the oldest}, momma to 3 kiddos, has a passion for planning events. We call her our little “Martha Stewart” because she loves DIY projects, and is always up to something crafty. Jenna {the middle sister}, momma to 1 cutie, is eclectic with her fashion – always rocking the latest trend in her own way – and never leaves the house without a fabulous pair of heels on her feet. She is an ‘old soul’ who is very organized and loves paper. She opened up her own stationery boutique in 2011, Fleur de Lis, a paperie {http://www.fleurdelisdtc.com}. It’s a small, family run business – every day you will see one of us sisters, our mom or our kids running around the store helping our customers! Jodi {the baby} is an honest and fun stay-at-home momma of 1 sweet girl, rocking the cleaning world. The former collegiate tennis star is a Norwex consultant, and has us all cleaning ‘clean’ and loving it. With a background in Communications and Media Studies, Jodi keeps the communication going between us three sisters, and Tutto Bella’s social media.  
We are thrilled and blessed to work on Tutto Bella together to create daily inspiration for our readers. With 3 different perspectives, we cover a variety of topics. From recipes to fashion, party and wedding eye-candy, fabulous finds and home, decor and Do It Yourself projects – we hope to be a go-to place for Simple as 123 readers and their friends.

Check out their website! 
They have some amazing ideas, gifts and handmade crafts!

I decided to make mugs and cups for our parents and sisters! I attached these cute tags to the top of each mug and cup!

Ok back to Silly Reggie ! She also sent me cards for our sisters for our extravaganza! 
I wanted to do something cute for our sisters so I found this super cute card on her site!

Will You Be An Auntie - Baby Announcement 

I attached it to the cups I made for them =) 

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant!! I few of my blogger friends 
sent me some cute items! One of them was this cute t-shirt decal from 

Imagine That Events!


Imagine That Events

I’m a graphics/marketing coordinator by day, and an etsy shop designer by night. Most of my designs are inspired by things I was looking for during my own wedding planning, or baby shower planning (for friends) that I just couldn’t find. So I created them myself. As far back as high school I’ve been the “go to designer” for invitations, shirts, posters, etc, so I just gathered all those ideas and turned it into a shop! We’ve been open a few years, and it really is just my past time/hobby doing these designs for people. I pride myself on 100% customer satisfaction, and will do as many revisions as it takes, to make someone happy, without the additional “revision fee” like some shops.

We are the original designer of the “Groom’s Cold Feet Socks”, now in many shops on etsy, and the “grooms survival kit”. We also sell a lot of the pregnancy countdown iron on decals, and a lot of our crossfit tanks/shirts/WOD books. We (my husband and I) own a startup business “Breathe Later Apparel” (www.breathelaterapparel.com) where we sell the same shirts we sell on etsy, and our WOD books as well. Our company has been up since mid Feb 2013.

Email: breathelaterapparel@yahoo.com 

I love how it came out!!!

I love keeping track of how far along I am! Not only for pictures to look back on for myself but also for my soon to be baby!

Two Baby Monkeys sent me these awesome stickers to put on a t-shirt!

Introducing Two Baby Monkeys:

Welcome to Two Baby Monkeys! Document the growth of your growing belly during pregnancy and the growth of your precious baby. Place the large sticker on your baby bump/baby's onesie and photograph the transformation! We offer: Monthly Baby Onesie Stickers, Pregnancy Belly Stickers, & Baby Milestone Stickers! Great gifts for new parents! 

If you stop by any of these bloggers/etsy shop owners please let them know you are
stopping in from Simple As 1-2-3!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog posting as much as I did!  

We are over joyed with excitement! 

It is as Simple As 1-2-3!