Saturday, June 1, 2013

Craft Room/Office Makeover On a Small Budget!

My office/ craft room has been a disaster lately:

I know...don't judge!

  Ya I know pretty bad!

I went to the dollar store and spent $12 on new baskets and bins. I also went to Walmart to get a new table which was $30. And then I found two shelves at a tag sale for $20.  SOOOO for a total of $62 I was able to reorganize my entire office/craft room!! 

I first went to Walmart and bought a new table..

 And cleaned up the entire floor..

 I organized the table with my Silhouette has been in need of a home!

I found these awesome shelves at a tag sale! 2 for $20! It was a steal!

 So I went back up to my craft room/office and got to work..

I cleaned all those items out of that corner and out from underneath the table.

 I placed my new shelf units in the room...
 I opened up draws and realized HOW MESSY everything was! So stopped what I was doing and cleaned those out first!

 I cleaned out the draws..

 I laid liner down and placed the items back in the draw..

 I got clear containers from the dollar store. All my highlighters in one container, colored pencils in another and pencils in the other container.

Side right draw has: Paper clips, thumb tacs and binder clips

Draw to the left: Post-it notes and rubber bands
 Clean space to use my tools !! yippy!!
 I got shoe box containers from the dollar store and stored my markers, pens and gel pens in them. I labeled each container...

 I cleaned off my desk and got these cute stackable bins from the dollar store and labeled them.

Coupons, File, Outgoing, Incoming

This is my mail station...all mail is sorted here and placed in the proper bin. No more mail on the kitchen counter or the kitchen table! I know where everything is and where everything needs to go!

 I  cleaned up my ribbon station..

 And placed all my books according to need and use.. I eventually need to come up with a better binder system...that is in the works...
 My handy-dandy new stand with my office supplies on it!
 I hung a basket on the wall and organized my office items:

 Each folder is labeled with what is in the folder:

Return labels, Ideas to do, Work, Valentines Day etc.
 When going through magazines I find things I like.... so I rip it out and place it in the folder it corresponds with. I can then file it away after I am done using it or throw it out if I don't need it.

My desk caddy was in need of a good cleaning:

 My caddy is now cleaned up with items placed back in their proper home!
 Coming back to my office station:

I found these bins at the dollar store. I thought they would be great for my receipts! My home receipts are items like if we bought a new washer and dryer I would place that receipt in the "Home" bin and then file it or discard it. If I bought something for my classroom I would place it in the "Work" bin for tax purposes. After the tax season is over I file my receipts with my tax papers so the bin is cleaned out for the next year.

 I cleaned up my wrapping paper station... no more clutter under the table or in the corner!

 My craft station was cleaned up as well with the my other new stand next to it!
 I organize my paper by color...
 I also place the small pieces of paper in ziplock backs...

Small pieces in the small bag, medium in one bag, and the larger pieces in another...
 I had these cute boxes and placed them on my new handy-dandy shelf! I labeled each box with my new labels ( Check out this blog post for information on the labels: Day 7)

 I labeled each shelf for my office everything goes back to were it needs to be and I will also know when I am getting low on an item!

I also moved a file cabinet into my office so that it was more convenient !!

Finished product:

It is possible to organize on a small budget!! Each zone has a purpose and is clutter free!

It is as simple as 1-2-3!