Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello!! Here are some pictures from our housewarming party!! Thank you to everyone for helping us (mom, Stephanie, Aunt Ginny, Domenica & Jaimie!) You all are wonderful and Kevin and I truly appreciate it! But first are a few pictures of mine and Kevin's God Daughter, Peyton May!

Some Housewarming Pictures:

Kevin and Me <3

Mama, AG and Me

My Girls!

Jaimie Lynn & Me

My Scrapbooking Room...My Favorite Part =)

Our Master Bedroom:

Two of our Spare Bedrooms:

Our Hallway and Downstairs Bathroom:

Our Living Room:

Our Kitchen Table:

Kevins Man Room:

Kevins grandpas (FDNY) and dad (volunteer).

Picture of my Papa that I made of all his Yankee stuff!

Picture of my dad's little league team (bottom left) picture of NY Giants winning the super bowl top left.

Our Dining Room:

I get it from my mama! =)