Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentines Day Fun!!

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays! Whether I was single or with someone I have always loved it for it has made me realize it isn't just about loving someone and showing your appreciation to them but it is also about loving yourself and appreciating yourself ! Some crafts I have done are the following:

This last idea is my favorite ! Everyday either my husband or I change this board to express to each other why we love one another! It is amazing to notice the little things that each of us notice and appreciate about each other!

I am also in a lunch club at work! Every day one of the members brings in a healthy lunch for you! My day is Thursdays which is perfect because Valentines day falls on a Thursday ( right up my ally!!)! So I am thinking about either making the girls cute sandwiches or a soup or salad with heart shapes carrots! What do you think? Super cute huh?

Here are a few ideas that I am doing for my husband...since Valentines day falls on a Thursday this year I am trying to be as creative as possible! My husband is a cop and tends to work nights so we won't be able to really celebrate until his day off! So I am making the best of it! First I will make a Valentines day path:

This will lead him to his first surprise:

A coupon book is always a good idea especially for a man who likes to sleep in to noon on his days off hehe :)! He will then have to continue the path to his last surprise:

A man bouquet is always a sure winner in this household!! I hope he loves it!

Some activities I have done for my classroom are the following:

The kids LOVED them!

On top of Valentines day March is a very busy month for us too! It will be our 3 year anniversary! I am doing a whole week long celebration! Since I will actually be away the week of our anniversary I am having "items" delivered to our home for him to enjoy while I am gone! Each item comes with a clue, a gift and a picture of me imitating the clue! My friend was awesome enough to come over and take the pictures for me! It was a real hoot! Here are two of the ideas with pictures, clues and gift ideas!

This is day 2 clue and picture ( me with my cute red apron and a spatula!) the gift is a batch of his favorite homemade cookies that I make! : I am sassy and sweet so here is your favorite baked treat!

This is day 5 clue, picture ( I got back into my wedding dress) with gift ( the gift is a frame with our wedding song written on the inside and a picture of us during our first dance as husband and wife.: Everyday I live, try my best to give all I have to you thank the stars above that we share this love me and you... Till the end.

So as you can see I have been super busy with not just Valentines day but our anniversary that is creeping up on us! Enjoy! It is as Simple-As-1-2-3!