Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Valentines Day Plaque [tutorial]

Valentines Day Plaque



What you will need:

  • Wood
  • V-day Paper
  • Paint
  • Vinyl
  • Adhesive


Step 1:

Paint wood.


Step 2:

Take the paper you want a press down on the wet wood (the backside of the paper) so you get a paint stain on the backside. This makes it easier for you to cut the paper out.


Step 3:

Put the adhesive on the wood and place the Valentines Day paper on top. Press firmly with your hand to make sure the paper stays!


Step 4:

Print out your “words” I chose I LOVE YOU






I just want to leave you with a beautiful sunset in the East!






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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Valentines Day Wooden Hearts <3 [Tutorial]


I <3 Valentines Day! A lot of people feel that it is a “Hallmark” Holiday..but I have always loved it! So I decided to get started on some of my Valentines day ideas! Here is how to make these way cute wooden blocks!


What you will need:

  • 4 Wooden heart blocks
  • Dark pink paint
  • Valentines day paper (4 sheets)
  • Adhesive
  • Vinyl Lettering ( I used my silhouette machine)
  • Embellishments

Valentines Day 018Valentines Day 019Valentines Day 021

Step 1:

Paint Blocks

Valentines Day 022

Step 2:

Cut hearts out of paper.

TIP: While your wooden blocks are still wet with paint press one of them down on the back of the paper you will be using. Not only will it give you an outline of what you will need but it makes it MUCH easier when using such an odd shape.


Valentines Day 035

These are the four hearts that I cut out…

Valentines Day 036

Step 3:

Once the paint is dry put a layer of this adhesive on the blocks and place paper over it..

Valentines Day 042

Valentines Day 043

Step 4:

Use embellishments

Valentines Day 045

Valentines Day 046

Step 5:

Place vinyl on hearts.

Valentines Day 050

Finished Product

Valentines Day 051Valentines Day 052Valentines Day 053Valentines Day 054Valentines Day 056Valentines Day 058Valentines Day 059Valentines Day 060

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Have a fabulous Valentines Day!


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Monday, November 1, 2010

HO HO HO Wooden Blocks [Tutorial]

The Christmas spirit is in the air!! The stores have already started to decorate and I must say I LOVE IT!! I made these cute “HO HO HO” blocks and can’t wait to make more Christmas decorations!! I am working on a “25 days of Christmas” calendar too! Those pictures will be up soon along with a bunch of other cute and simple Christmas crafts and gifts! pics 032 Here is how you make them! What you will need:
  • Wooden Blocks
  • Holiday paper
  • Embellishments
  • White Paint
  • Glue
  • Cricut machine or sticker letters
wreath 030  wreath 034 wreath 037 I first cut the paper out to make sure it fit the top surface of my wooden blocks! I used the bottom of a Yankee Candle to get my circles to match the top of the wooden circles! wreath 035 I then painted the wooden circles white HALLOWEEN DECO 017 HALLOWEEN DECO 015 I then glued the paper to the top of the circles. HALLOWEEN DECO 069 pics 019 I used a cricut machine to get the “HO HO HO” stickers. pics 023 pics 026 I then added the embellishments! Simple as 1-2-3!! pics 027 pics 028   pics 033 pics 029 pics 030 I LOVE this holiday I start November 1st with Christmas music and decorations and go to the middle of January! People think I am crazy but I just love it! It is just a wonderful feeling to have during this magical season! Enjoy! XO


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghost Lolli-Pops [tutorial]

Easy and fun ghost lolli-pops! My mom used to make these with  me when I was little!! What you will need:
  • String
  • Lolli-pops
  • Tissues
  • Black marker
HALLOWEEN DECO 100 HALLOWEEN DECO 097 HALLOWEEN DECO 096 Step 1: Put the tissue over the lolli-pop HALLOWEEN DECO 102 Step 2: Synch underneath the lolli-pop   HALLOWEEN DECO 106 Step 3: Tie with a string and cut any extra ends HALLOWEEN DECO 108 HALLOWEEN DECO 101 HALLOWEEN DECO 110 Step 4: Take a black marker and put eyes and mouth on the “ghost”  HALLOWEEN DECO 111 Step 5: Place in a Halloween dish or a bowl and display your cute little ghosts on your Halloween table! Or use them for Halloween candy for the little ghost and goblins that come to your door!! =) HALLOWEEN DECO 115 Enjoy! xo

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Wreath [tutorial]

So I decided to start on our fall wreath for our home! I saw this idea on Living Life Crafty !! Thought it was way cute so I wanted to make my own and put my own spin on it a little! Instead of making a “Thanksgiving” wreath I decided to make a Fall-ish looking wreath (colors, hardy looking wreath etc)! I am going to make a Thanksgiving one too but this might be my “September” wreath for next year! It was super easy to do and fun!  Let me know what you think!! What you will need:
  • Wreath
  • Monogram Letter
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
 wreath 018 wreath 017 Find the buttons of your choice. Glue them where you want them! wreath 013 I used Cranberry Wine paint by Americana wreath 026 I painted the “S” with three coats of paint. wreath 024 Glue “S” on to wreath. wreath 039 wreath 042 Add Ribbon. I used the left over brown ribbon from my wedding when I was wrapping gifts for my wedding party! wreath 054 Finish product! wreath 055 Happy Fall! Enjoy! XO

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Wreath [tutorial]

What you will need: Get WHATEVER you want! I went to Michaels AND the dollar store and picked out odds and ends that looked good to me! I got a black boa, foam wreath frame, ribbon, skull, wooden letters, and a wooden sign! HALLOWEEN 007 Step one: Cover the foam wreath frame with the black boa. Keep a spot up top to tie a ribbon! HALLOWEEN 009 Step two: Tie the ribbon of your choice on the wreath. I used two different ribbons: orange and black polka dots HALLOWEEN 012 Step three: Paint the wooden sign..I painted it black. HALLOWEEN 013 Step four: Paint the skull…I painted it white. HALLOWEEN 015 Step five: Glue skull head on the wreath. HALLOWEEN 016 Step six: Paint the wooden letters, glue them on the wooden frame then glue the frame on the wreath. HALLOWEEN 017 FINISHED! HALLOWEEN 024 HAPPY HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN 025  HALLOWEEN 027 

Monday, September 20, 2010

“Laundry” [Turotial]

So on top of working on our kitchen I decided to spruce up my ‘laundry room’. It really isn’t a laundry room for it is in my unfinished basement with concrete walls!!! But when life hands you lemons your supposed to make lemonade right? Right! So I first started off by making a “Laundry” sign! What you will need: -16in x 20in stretched canvas - Paint: I used “Cool White” &" “Lamp Black” by Americana -Cricut or a Silhouette machine -Mod Podge Steps: FOOD 006 FOOD 013 FOOD 008 Turn the canvas horizontally before you lay your letters down. FOOD 014 FOOD 015 FOOD 017 I then mod podged the whole board to keep the letters from coming up. FOOD 019 Finished product: FOOD 029 I added a few extra things as well: FOOD 031 This is the “stain” organizer…whatever the stain is this will tell you how to get it out and what to use! I framed it and hung it on the wall under my “LAUNDRY DRUP YOUR DRAWS HERE” sign! FOOD 032 I usually have two baskets on the wall but one is filed with laundry! That will get folded eventually! =) FOOD 034 I got this table from Target. I tend to fold laundry on it or sometimes I even iron on it! FOOD 035 My new “laundry" sign!  FOOD 036 My laundry corner: FOOD 028 I want to add a couple more shelves and such! But for now I think it is pretty cute!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Give Thanks! [Tutorial]

I figured I would step away from the Halloween decorations (since I haven’t finished them) and start on some fall decor! Being thankful is one of the best traits to have! Which sometimes I tend to forget to remember! I am thankful for my husband! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am truly blessed! I am also thankful for my amazing family and friends I don't know what I would without them! So trying to keep on the “thankful” path I figured I would start on my “Thanksgiving” crafts! Thanks to my dad I just got a lot of wood! Here is my “Give Thanks” plaque! FOOD 054 FOOD 055 I used Burnt Orange and Yellow Ochre paint from Americana and mixed them together… FOOD 057 I painted the board with two coats: FOOD 056 I then used the cricut machine and printed out “GIVE THANKS” in black and the leaf and acorn in brown.   FOOD 067 FOOD 061 I then used two layers of Modge Podge! FOOD 064 My husband attached a hook on the back for me so I could either hang it up or lay it against a flat wall! What are you thankful for? Enjoy! xo

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boo-tastic Blocks! [Tutorial]

Once more my awesome cousin-in-law at Mine for the Making gave me this awesome idea! Check out her page she has some amazing and creative ideas!! I just LOVE the fall so I first wanted to share some of my fall decorations with you! I haven't started outside yet but it is coming along slowly but surely! fall 001 fall 004 fall 008 fall 009 fall 010 fall 011 OK so on to the project (again you can check this awesome project out at Mine for the Making’s blog as well!) I did it a little differently then hers but the idea was 100% hers! I loved it so much that I wanted to make a set for my small bathroom as a decoration for this fabulous season! “Boo Blocks” I got these three blocks from Michaels $.99 each! fall 049 I painted them all black. I did two coats on each block. fall 055 I then chose Halloween 12” x 12” paper that I liked. Once I did that I cut the paper into little squares to match the top of each block. fall 050 fall 052 I used a hot glue gun, black paint, scissors, paint brush and a plate to put the paint in. fall 058 I glued the paper on to the top of the blocks once the blocks were completely dry! fall 056 I then used the cricut and cut out the letters “BOO” the font size was 1-1/2”. I placed one letter on each block. fall 059 I then embellished with extras! I used googley eyes, ribbon, beads, spiders etc. I found all of these objects in the craft section or scrapbooking section at Michaels! fall 063 fall 065 After everything dried I was able to place it where I wanted and it looked great!!! fall 066 fall 067 fall 068 Thanks again Kara  @ Mine for the Making! I am linking up with Funky Junk Interiors. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hand-painted Wooden Name Sign [Tutorial]

My cousin-in-law did an awesome project on her blog (Mine for the making) and I wanted to try to duplicate it! I didn’t make it exactly how she made it but I attempted  it!!!! What I did first was had my husband cut the wood to what I wanted it to be. I then painted it white. I did 2 coats on the wood: Creative Room Design 002 Creative Room Design 003 I then took the brown paint and put it on one of the rags and smeared it all over the boards. I used the sandpaper to make it look more faded. Creative Room Design 004 I then used the cricut and cut out all the letters and placed them on the boards. I used three coats of Mod Podge to make sure the letters were securely on the boards. Creative Room Design 005 Creative Room Design 009 Creative Room Design 007 My husband needed to cut the wood a little bit more for me and then he hung it above our front door! Finished product:  Creative Room Design 003 Creative Room Design 005 Creative Room Design 007 Creative Room Design 008 I think it came out pretty cute!! Materials/Cost: - wood = $4
(My husband cut it to the length that I wanted it to be. It all depends on what you are looking for.)
-white paint (free I had it)
-brown paint (free I had it)
-paint brush (free I had it)
-sandpaper (free I had it)
-Rag (i used the box of rags  which I had
-Mod Podge (free I had it)
- Black vinyl...$10 (at Michael's )
-Cricut...borrowed from friends = free

Total cost $14

Thank you again my dear cousin-in-law your ideas are fabulous!!