Sunday, August 8, 2010

It is possible!!

So being a newlywed I decided I should become more “wife like” and start to cook more on the weekends for the week coming! It is hard for me to cook during the week because Kevin as you all know is a cop and works nights and I don’t get home till 6 sometimes 7 at night. So I decided to experiment on the weekend for dinners during the week that I can freeze. This weekend….”Im”possible pies!

It IS possible! I made a broccoli & chicken cheese pie (2x) and an apple pie so easy, simple and delicious!!! Kevin was my guinea pig, and for someone who is very picky with what he eats, he loved them! And we are not even  apple pie eaters and we both loved everything!

dinners 007 <<<<Apple crumb pie

Today I made a cheeseburger pie….ground beef, onion, tomatoes, salt, pepper, milk, eggs and bisquick! Look below for pictures!!

dinners 001 dinners 002 dinners 003

Cook time: Bake 400; 25 minutes

dinners 004

Finished product!!

dinners 005 dinners 006
Freeze up to: 3 months

Stay tuned till next time!

The busy housewife of Orange County


Bryan and Katie said...

ummm why don't i live near you to come over and sample? looks delish!

Melissa Stewart said...

Thanks! =) Miss you!