Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hair Clips~

Hair Clips 025 

  So my sister over at Faith Works made these as well as my cousin-in-law over at Mine for the Making !
These are SO cute and super SIMPLE!!
My niece wears these in her hair (she will be two in September and totally rocks them)! I am pretty obsessed with them as well!!
Ok so here is what you will need: clips, ribbon and a hot glue gun that is it!!

Hair Clips 003
Choose and measure the ribbon and go a little bit longer then what you need. You will want to trim the edges when you are done!
Hair Clips 004
Place glue along the clip then take the end of the ribbon and place at the end of the clip (the opening of the clip).
Hair Clips 005Hair Clips 006Hair Clips 008Hair Clips 009
Then place glue on the inside of the clip..the place where you squeeze the clip
Hair Clips 010Hair Clips 011

Once that dries bend the rest of the ribbon on the other side of the clip and glue down!
Hair Clips 013Hair Clips 014Hair Clips 015

Finished Product!~ See? Super easy!
Hair Clips 016Hair Clips 017
Hair Clips 020
  Here are a bunch of other ones that I made…

Hair Clips 021Hair Clips 022

Hair Clips 025
Hair Clips 026
I am planning on attending a craft fair on September 17th in Central Valley, NY right next to the outlets!! It is a charity event to benefit the children’s wing being put into the new hospital in Middletown, NY! A bunch of items will be sold: crafts, jewelry, food etc! A bunch of local businesses will be there as well! Hope you can stop by and check it out if you are in the area!!
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Ruth Boyes said...

little girls are so much fun to make things for!