Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ali's Famous & EASY Mexican Dip

My friend Ali makes this amazing dip ! I am constantly asking her what the recipe is and decided to blog about it to not only have it forever but to share it with you all to enjoy too!!

Ali's Famous & EASY Mexican Dip 

First:  Take taco mix 1/3 of the bag, 1 tbs of sour cram and one block of cream cheese and mix together..

Spread in the bottom of a dish...

Ali's Tip: Place it in a clear dish so your guests can see what they are eating..layer by layer!

Second: Place 3-5tbs of salsa on top...don't put too much or it will become watery..

Third: Cut up tomatoes (mine were from my garden..yum!!) and place it on top of the salsa!

Fourth: Cut up lettuce in small pieces. Spread it on top of the tomatoes. 

Fifth: Spread cheese

Sixth:   Add olives or whatever you want! You can add avocado, chili peppers etc

This dip is great for tailgating, super bowl or any party!!


It is as Simple as 1-2-3!

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