Thursday, May 1, 2014

CLEANING: Under the Sink Organization

Complete chaos ! I don't know how many times my husband tells  me he 'can't' find something under the kitchen sink! Not that I blame him cause it looks pretty chaotic just looking at it! SOOO many sprays and unused products! So lets gets started...

Clean it completely out. Get rid of empty bottles and bottles and tools you don't use daily or even weekly! 

OK now…use ALL space even the doors! I hung hooks on the door to hang my gloves. I have gloves for cleaning when I use cleaning products and gloves for cleaning the dishes. I hung them on hooks and used binder clips to hand them! I then..I know this will be shocking for someone of you….but I then labeled them! :)

 I then placed items that I would use on daily/weekly basis back into the cabinet and labeled them! I used ALL space. There is a little shelf in the back of the cabinet where the vertical space is to small to place bottles vertically so I placed them horizontally and labeled the tops of the bottles so that I know what they are!


 I then labeled spray bottles and hung them off of the shelf to free up space on the bottom part of the cabinet. So when you look into the cabinet you can quickly and efficiently grab the bottle you need!

I then placed items together and labeled them..

On the opposite door *Please excuse the stickers…whoever lived here before us left them on the door and they won't come off =(*…. I hung a small basket and placed extra sponges and brushes. 

TIP: I use a toothbrush to clean around the sink where you can't really get a sponge in to clean!

On the left side I have a small basket that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond. I placed my swifter wet jet pads on top and in the basket I placed all floor items for my steamer. 

*KEY- ALL floor items are together!*


SO much cleaner and now we know where everything is and where everything goes!!

It is as simple as 1-2-3!


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