Sunday, July 20, 2014

Items From The Garden: Swiss Chard & Pasta Recipe

The next few posts are going to be on how to use some of those garden veggies!!

This one is about swiss chard! 

Facts about this yummy veggie:

One cup of chopped Swiss chard has just 35 calories and provides more than 300% of the daily value for vitamin K. But skip this veggie if you’re prone to kidney stones it contains oxalates, which decrease the body’s absorption of calcium and can lead to kidney stones. (web md)

How you can prepare it:

Prepare Swiss chard by rinsing the crisp leaves several times in warm water. Leaves and stalks can be boiled, steamed, or roasted. (web md)

So this is how I made it!

 First rinse the swiss chard really well.

Then place oil and garlic in a pan. 

Let it sit for a little bit and get nice a brown. Then add your swiss chard. 
It cooks down like spinach. Add some salt and pepper to taste. 

Then boil your pasta. Once your pasta is done mix everything together.

Pour into a bowl and sprinkle cheese on top! THATS it! SOOO good and healthy for you…and  EASY!

It is as Simple As 1-2-3!


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