Friday, October 8, 2010

Homemade Sauce

  • Minced garlic
  • Onion chopped
  • Fresh basil chopped
  • 4-5 cans of Tomato puree ( or you can make your own!)
  • Red wine
  • Sausage & Meatballs

-Chop up the garlic
bathroom 002
-Cut up the onion (very small pieces) and add to the pot
bathroom 003
-Mix in oil (enough to coat the bottom of the pot)
bathroom 005
bathroom 006
-Put stove on high and stir occasionally until the onion is almost transparent.
bathroom 008
-Chop of the basil and put into pot
bathroom 010
-Put cans of tomato puree into pot
bathroom 011
bathroom 012
-Add a cup of red wine
bathroom 014
bathroom 015
-Let simmer on low for several hours, stirring occasionally
bathroom 019
-Make sausage (oven 350 degrees for 45min.) add to sauce.
bathroom 018
-Make meatballs (oven 350 degrees for 45min.) add to sauce.
bathroom 030

On a side note it felt like fall was definitely here when the temperature hit below 40 degrees! So i decided to light the first fire of the season!!
bathroom 020
A nice glass of wine never hurts either (:
bathroom 026

simple as 1 2 3


Kara said...


So jealous you can light a fire!!! WAY too warm here still! However, I did go up to prescott for 3 days with my 5th graders and was totally content on standing in front of the fire!! :)

Melissa Stewart said...

lol haha I hope you guys had a wonderful time!!!! It was 30 degrees last night!! I love it =) That means Christmas is cominggggg!!!! =)