Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Matchbox Advent Calendar!

Count down to Christmas starts now! Here is an easy and small advent calendar! Use 25 ordinary matchboxes to count down the days of Christmas! You don’t have to just put candy, toys or money in the boxes, make it a family thing! Put activities, prayers or games you can play as a family together each night!
What you will need:
  • 25 Matchboxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Vinyl
  • Silhouette machine

xmas 055

TIP: Make sure you use a “high temp” glue gun YES they do come in different temperatures am I the only person who didn’t know this?? I had NO idea!!
xmas 058
Step 1:
Hot-Glue the tops of empty boxes to one another to form rows. Hint: Start with nine boxes for the base, and decrease by two until you have a single box for the top. Just like a Christmas tree!
xmas 059
Step 2:
Cut wrapping paper to cover each section; secure with hot glue.

xmas 061xmas 064xmas 065
You will be able to open up the boxes by pushing the back end! You can hide anything from money, coins, candy or little toys in the boxes!
xmas 066
Start stacking!!
xmas 068
Step 3:
Make numbers out of the vinyl! I used silver vinyl! I placed the number in different places to make it more fun to try to find the day we are on! But you can also put them in order if you like too!
xmas 074xmas 075
See the quarter? (:
xmas 077
Finished Product!!
xmas 078xmas 079xmas 082
It doesn’t JUST have to be toys or money hidden! It can be the following ideas as well:
-Have everyone in the family write what is special about Christmas to them and on each day read what someone wrote
- Have an activity, prayer, game or special snack written in each box. So on every night you can discover what fun thing you will be doing or eating!! yum!
simple as 1 2 3
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Nikki said...

Cute! Thanks so much for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day! :)

Alissa said...

That's so cute. My hot glue gun and I are enemies so I don't think I'll be making one...but I'm really loving the idea of little messages in matchboxes. Hmmm

Carolyn said...

I'm following you now too. This advent is soooooo cute!Definitely on my list to make for next year!
carolyn | homework

Simonepin said...

Hi Martha, I found your blog by luck and i loved its... my english is very bad, i'm english student... Xoxo. Simone