Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recipe Holder

recipe holder 025

Simple and so easy!! My two favorite words!
What you will need:
  • Clothes pin – I found this awesome clothes pin at Michaels ($3)
  • Paper
  • Mod Podge

I am always looking for something to hold a single recipe up while I am cooking. I tend to laminate all my recipes but keeping them on the counter can get in the way. So here it is!
Step 1:
Pick out the paper you want. I LOVE Sex in The City and they LOVE Martinis sooo I figured this would be perfect for my kitchen!
recipe holder 008
Step 2:Cut the paper into two strips to fit the clothes pin.

recipe holder 015

recipe holder 013recipe holder 014
Step 3:
Mod Podge the paper down on both sides.
recipe holder 016recipe holder 017recipe holder 018recipe holder 019
Finished product!
So simple and fun!
recipe holder 020recipe holder 021recipe holder 022recipe holder 023recipe holder 024recipe holder 025recipe holder 026recipe holder 027recipe holder 028
simple as 1 2 3

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Mod Podge Amy said...

My favorite words too! Very cute.

tz said...

very cute!