Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little Girl Stool

The next couple of entries are going to be items that I made for Christmas this year. My mom once told me about “Christmas Bread” something her and her sisters do every year! Here is the story of Christmas Bread to explain it to you a little more:

Christmas bread came about from a Christmas story in a magazine back in
the late 70's or early 80's.  Which only now seems a very long time ago!
The story told about a woman who had always been very poor but had
experienced a particularly difficult year.  The Christmas season was her
favorite between the decorations, baking, carols and family and friends
close by.  She ALWAYS had gifts for everyone...but this year would be
different.  She stressed and worried for days at how she would be able
to do gifts and really enjoy this season. She discovered that she had
all the ingredients to make her very favorite bread and decided that by
making a loaf that would cheer her up.  So she began measuring and
mixing...she turned on her favorite radio station and enjoyed the
Christmas carols.  She found herself humming and as she put the loaf of
bread in the oven...surprisingly happy and contend.   She looked around
her home as simple and comfy and cozy as it was she decided she would
after all pull out the boxes of Christmas decorations and make her home
sparkle with the holiday spirit.  The music in the background....the
smell of the bread baking....then she pulled out the nativity her father
had so delicately crafted so many years prior.  She held the baby Jesus
in her hand and slowly sat in her chair contemplated the real meaning of
this season...and she thought about young Mary giving birth that night
so many years ago.  A knock at her front door jolted her back to reality
and she rose to see who could possibly be at the door.  Well, it was her
neighbor and she invited him in.  He shook off the snow on his boots and
welcomed the warm cup of tea she offered him and in a few minutes also
enjoyed the slice of bread topped with whipped butter.  He always loved
his visits with this sweet lady and told her so.  As she walked this
kind gentleman friend to the door to say good-bye they were met by the
young man who did her yard work in the spring and summer.  So she said
good-bye to one friend and welcomed another in.  She handed this young
man a warm cup of tea and a slice of this bread fresh from the oven.
And that is how her day continued....visiting with friends and sharing
what meager goods she had.  She recognized as the day progressed that
her home and more importantly her heart was filled with the love of the
season....the real Christmas spirit.
So now flashing back to 1979 as two sisters sat and visited over a warm
cup of tea and talked about the upcoming holiday season this particular
story touched their hearts and that is when Christmas Bread was born.
Sharing of talents and developing new skills shared with loved ones for
the Christmas season.  These gifts take time and thought and are filled
with lots of love.  Just as the season should be.  The Christmas Bread
gift is the most anticipated gift of each Christmas morning and the
tradition continues.”

So as one can see how this story has touched not only me but my family as well throughout the years! My first “Christmas Bread” gift goes to my sweet niece & god daughter Peyton May!
I went searching in my favorite craft store, Michaels, to try and find the perfect craft to make for her…something that she could always look at and think “My Aunt Lissa made that for me.” And there it was a little stool! I took it home and got to work on it! Check out the following pictures! All the materials cost very little but in the end to see that smile on that little chubby face is worth so much more!

Creative Room Design 003 Creative Room Design 004

$5.00 for the stool

Paint= free I already had it

I then decided to make stripes so I found some painters tape that we had leftover from painting our house when we moved in and used that!

Creative Room Design 008 Creative Room Design 009 Creative Room Design 010

Then I added stripes…
Creative Room Design 011 Creative Room Design 012 Creative Room Design 013
I then found sticker letters that I liked and put her first and middle name on the stool. I also got a firefly decal and placed that on top as well. I used 4 coats of Modge Podge to keep it from coming up and to give the stool a shiny coat!

Creative Room Design 023 Creative Room Design 025 Creative Room Design 026
I then went back to Michaels and got two wooden items, a flower and a firefly. ($2 each) I went home and painted them to match the stool!
Creative Room Design 027Creative Room Design 029
Finished Product (Total $10)
Creative Room Design 030

I love how it came out and I hope Peyton will love it too!

Happy Christmas Bread!!

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Kara said...

so cute! I made lu a time out stool :)

I am getting ready to host a big event on Mine for the Making called "12 Days of Christmas Giveaways." If you want to be apart of it or want more info, email me soon!


Claudia said...

Peyt will loveeee it. She pushes around the little blue stool that Lucas has all the time, so she will enjoy having her own :)

Amie said...

So cute! I love it, and I'm sure I would have loved it as a little girl too! Thanks so much for linking up to Holiday Gift Ideas, feel free to link up again! :)

Melissa Stewart said...

Thx ladies!!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Love the Christmas bread story. Adorable stool - unbelievable price you found it for! Great use of the letter stickers!
Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!