Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pasta Side Dish Recipe

Have you ever made a meal and had leftovers? We do ALL the time! I tend to make too is the Italian in me! =) Here is a great recipe my friend, Jess, taught me to make when you need a quick side to go with your leftover chicken/beef etc.! Here is how you make it!


Egg Noodles
Olive Oil
Pecorino Ramano Cheese

Steam broccoli...

 In a pan put the olive oil and  minced garlic ...I did about 6 cloves...I love garlic!
 After the broccoli is cooked place it in the pan on low with the garlic and oil!
 Boil water...
 Place pasta inside..
 Once the pasta is done and drained place it in the pan with the broccoli...
 Add Pecorino Romano cheese....
 Place in a bowl...

Serve and enjoy! It is so easy and delicious! We added it to our leftover chicken from the night before. Check out the chicken recipe:  No Mess No Fuss 1 Pan Wonder


It i as Simple as 1-2-3!

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