Monday, January 20, 2014

New Baby: Hospital Checklist Must-Haves!

There is so much to do and to prepare before baby but what happens when the day has come and baby is on the way? In preparation for a new baby a hospital checklist is a must! I polled all my mommy friends and this is the list I came up with! I needed to share it with you all and hope it is helpful!! I bought a lot of the items off of Amazon! I found they had the best prices and more items in bulk such as nursing pads!

A few other tips from Simple As 1-2-3:
  • Make sure you have your pediatricians number on hand. You will have to call them after the baby is born to schedule your first visit!

  • Prepare your hospital bag at least a month before you go to the hospital, you never know when the baby will come…sometimes their plans are much different then yours!

  • Put the carseat in the car at least a month before baby comes, you don't want to be figuring out and reading manuals on the day you are about to deliver! Tip: Go to your local police station and ask if there is someone who can put the carseat in for you, some cops are specifically trained in the safety of a carseat and how it is supposed to go!

  • If you have pets or other children at home come up with a plan on who will be coming to take care of them and speak to those individuals a head of time!

Here are a few more tips that I found!

By: Everyday Family

1.  Send as much home as you can the day before you check out of the hospital. Chances are your room will be full of balloons, flowers, or cards.
2.  Be sure to have an extra pair of baggy clothes to wear home. Even after delivery, you will be most comfortable in clothes that are significantly larger than your pre-pregnancy clothes.
3.  Ask your escort to bring the car as close to the hospital as possible, and carry only baby and burp cloth to the car. Don’t try to juggle too many things yourself as you bring your new baby outside of the hospital for the first time.
4.  Take your time! New mommies walk slow, especially those who have had a c-section. Besides, you only get to bring your baby home for the first time once; so slow down and enjoy every moment!
5.  Never underestimate how complicated car seats can be. If you have never used a car seat, or if you have never used the particular car seat in your car that day, review the manual before you get to the car with baby. Some people find it easiest to strap the baby into the car seat first, carry that to the car, and then strap the car seat into the car. Never put a rear-facing car seat in the front seat!
6.  At home, stock up on sanitary napkins (ideally before you go the hospital), so your partner does not have to make multiple trips to the store and can stay with you as much as possible. You will probably bleed for four to six weeks after delivery. And remember, in the beginning, you will need extra long and extra absorbent pads!
7.  Before leaving the hospital, ask for the direct number of the maternity ward and the name of a nurse or two (and their shift hours) you can call from home if you have an important question. Many hospitals provide a call service or “warm line” for new mothers with questions.
8.  Don’t feel rushed out the door! Make sure all of your questions are answered before you leave the hospital. Find out when you should schedule your child’s first checkup; and make sure you get the answers to anything you are unsure about, from diaper changing to breastfeeding.

Special Notes for Winter Deliveries:
Be sure to have warm clothing for your new baby to come home in! If your new baby has a blanket for extra warmth, remember to strap him or her into the car seat first, then place the blanket on top. Never place a blanket between your child and the car seat strap.
If you can, have someone in your home turn the temperature to 72 degrees before you arrive home. This way, it will be the same temperature as your hospital room. You can slowly decrease the temperature one degree per day, until it is at the temperature you prefer.

It is as simple as 1-2-3!

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