Sunday, January 26, 2014

Valentine's Day Celebration 2014

I love, LOVE which means I love Valentine's Day!! A lot of people feel like you need to have a significant other to celebrate the holiday…WRONG! Celebrate yourself! Go on a mini shopping trip, get a pedicure or manicure or just sit down in a quiet room and have a nice cup of tea! This is a holiday to celebrate the love you have for the people in your life and yourself! That being said I am going to share with you some awesome Valentines Day ideas in the next few days! =)

I am going to start by talking about this SUPER cute block from Koobik! She has some of the most adorable blocks for all occasions! The blocks are done from anything from a baptism to a specific holiday! On top of her awesome blocks her gift wrapping is impeccable and super fashionable! 

Introducing Koobik:

Hi, my name is Anya. I own and operate Koobik. I was born and raised in Russia in a loving home filled with homemade toys. My dad and his remarkably rewarding line of work played an enormous role in me becoming a second generation toymaker. 

When I was little, my kindergarten teacher had a collection of old wooden blocks that her son made. I liked them so much, my dad ended up making same blocks for me. When my family made the decision to move to sunny California, these toys were the first belongings that I packed in my suitcase. Twenty years later, I still have my old familiar wooden blocks. Every time that I see them, I travel back in time and in my heart turn into that little girl, who has one of a kind magic blocks that where made just for her.
I recreated my dad’s wooden blocks a couple of years ago because I know that they will last a lifetime and travel the world. More importantly, these blocks can be passed on from one generation onto the next. 

All blocks I make have one thing in common: my attention to detail makes each item special and unique. I want to playfully support children's development, make their lives happier, more exciting, and full of the delight of discovery: to put it simply, to make their world a little more child-friendly.

I am so happy to share my products and with all of you. Welcome to my store! I hope you will fall in love with my designs as I do, over and over every day.

Be Happy,


Here is the block she made me for Valentines Day! Each side has something sentimental to me and my husband! Till the end is inscribed in our wedding rings, the quote next to it is part of our wedding song, the names are names of "famous couples names" anyone knows me knows I LOVE the movie Gone With the Wind!  Then you have mine and my husbands name and then a beautiful heart shaped stamped on top! I absolutely LOVE it!

Happy Valentine's Day!


It is as Simple as 1-2-3!

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