Monday, June 2, 2014

Budgeting Your Money

Trying to keep track of your finances? Trying to budget? This is the printable for you! Tidy Lady Printables has some awesome printables but this one I truly fancy!! From savings to budgeting this printable has it all!! She was wonderful to work with and has some amazing printables!  She is truly talented and has vibrant colors in all of her printables! 100% would recommend checking her out!!

Introducing Tidy Lady Printables:

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I am so thankful you are here and hope I can truly make a difference in your life with these great printables! Organization and cleanliness two things many people struggle with everyday due to their busy schedules and lack of time. Take back your life now and get organized... it feels GREAT!

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Happy Organizing & Creating!

She sent me this awesome editable organizational packed for my finances! I LOVE IT! It is great if you are working with a budget and trying to keep track of your finances!

Instant and Editable! This budget and finance organizational pack will come to the email associated with your Etsy account in just minutes! Just type in the spaces and either print or save to your computer for simple organization of your family's budget and finances.

Easily get ahold of your family finances with this great pack! This listing is for 22 editable documents. These documents are all perpetual so they will never expire! Print and use month after month and year after year. This budget and finance pack is designed with the busy family in mind!

Each page is 8 1/2 by 11 and is sent electronically as a PDF file and will arrive within minutes of your order so you can begin organizing your finances right away! Save both money and time with these great organizational tools!

This set includes:

* Monthly Savings Tracker - Track your family savings with this great sheet. Spaces to record the dates of deposit, amounts and which account it will go towards. Stay motivated to stay on target for those big goals and trips with this wonderful sheet!

* Weekly Finance Tracker (2 Sheets) - Keep track of everything spent in a week with this simple to use sheet. Spaces to record daily totals and progress and to add up the weekly transactions for the family.

* Monthly Finance Calendar (12 sheets) - Keep track of monthly finances through-out the year with this great series of printables. Pre-labeled for each month, these perpetual calanders never expire so can be used year after year! Spaces to record daily transactions and plan ahead for upcoming events so you can plan your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly budget much easier!

* Bill Payment Tracker - Organize all of your bills in one easy sheet! Keep track of payment dates, accounts and amounts easily so you never miss a bill payment again! (Saves tons of money in overdue fees!)

* Expense Log - Log your expenses and keep track of all your upcoming financial obligations in one handy sheet!

* Debt Management Recorder - Finally get all of your debt in front of you so you know what you are working with. Easily manage and keep track of debt. (This sheet was my first ticket to really getting out of debt!)

* Quarterly and Monthly Budget (4 Sheets) - Make a plan for your family and the financials and easily stick to it with these budgeting sheets! Broken down in sections to include home, auto, health, food, etc. so all you simply have to do is enter in the numbers and your budget is set!

On top of using this awesome printable I also use the "envelope" system! It is about budgeting each paycheck  and creating categories (gas, groceries etc)! You divide each check into your categories and fill up those "envelopes" ! I use my bank for this, they allow me to separate accounts and add accounts for free which is awesome! Once the money runs out in one category that is it, until you refill it! I love this method and it truly helps bring down debt and helps you save! Try it out!!

Stop by Tidy Lady Printables and let her know Simple As 1-2-3 sent you!!

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