Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day Ideas and Freebies

Father's Day is here! Can you believe it??? Here are a few ideas and freebies you can do this Father's day!

Here are some awesome Father's day freebies!

I thought these were awesome Father's Day gifts! I ended up getting my husband a bunch of workout items and items for the gym! I found this soap and thought it was pretty cool! He LOVES beer and thought this was a pretty neat gift to put with his other items!

Introducing Pink Parchment Soaps:

Created in 2007, Pink Parchment Soaps offers a complete line of all natural, fun and unique soaps as well as body butters, sugar scrubs and solid perfumes. 

Why? Because we love making all natural, almost all natural and simply fun products! Years ago we bought some handmade soap. WOAH Hold the water, hold the bubbles, hold the soap! Who knew the difference? We didn't, but then we did and what a difference it was. We immediately fell in love with handmade soap and bought more and more and more. (Yes we LOVE handmade soap) Finally one day Jim (Dear husband and father) said, "You know, I think you could make this yourself". Waa Haa Haa, boy was he right! And how much fun we had! A few classes and a couple of boat loads of soaps later, we had more soap than we knew what to do with AND we still and a thousand new ideas we wanted to try. 

We test most of our products on Jim (especially the shaving soaps – but not our perfumes). I have to admit that when we first started out he would always say "I LOVE IT". Well, a few years and a couple of thousand bars of soap later, he will now say "Well, (big hesitation) this one may not be so good, but I still like it!". That’s when we go back to the drawing board and start over. 

All of our products are made in small batches by me (Trish). My daughters Christina and Anna help out during hectic times, or whenever the mood strikes them or when they think I’m heading off in the wrong direction……

Best Bud - Budweiser Beer Soap - Now all budweiser beer fans have a wonderful handmade soap to wake upto in the morning! What could be better? This soap has a lovely light orange/clove scent. Our beer soaps are not only great soaps that all beer lovers will appreciate, they make great holiday, groomsmen, fathers day and anniversary gifts!

Happy Father's Day!!
It is as Simple As 1-2-3

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