Sunday, June 1, 2014

Health & Fitness Tools and Ideas

Interested in getting fit for the summer? Sweet Simple Life has wonderful tools to help you with that and SO much more!

Introducing Sweet Simple Life:

Sweet Simple Life started when Mary Sue and Kimber decided to start looking for some tools to organize their crazy lives. As Moms, part time employees, wives and more they found themselves struggling with the endless sports schedules and academic calendars. After numerous purchases and unsuccessful attempts at "making it work" they decided it would be best to create something on their own!

Sweet Simple Life grew as they created more and more pages in the planner. They decided to not only make it a planner but also a place to journal and document some great family memories. They also are both suckers for awesome design and super cute things. So, they incorporated a little of everything along with their love to design and created Sweet Simple Life. Oh I almost forgot, they are having a ton of fun too!!! We hope you like their story and keep shopping with here:)

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Sweet Simple Life brings you a great way to keep track of your health and fitness needs while providing you with an easy way to keep up with it all. As we enter into 2013, goals are more important than ever. The stylish Health and Fitness planner help you to accomplish your goals while easily tracking your information. Stay on top of your health and nutrition needs and get completely organized along the way. Try pairing this planner with our Grocery and Meal Planning Printable. You'll discover it's never been so fun getting healthy! Included in this planner:

* Weekly Nutrition Tracker
* Daily Nutrition Tracker
* Weekly Fit Schedule
* Weekly Fit Goals
* Inspirational quote page to keep you motivated
* Monthly Menu Calendar
* Cardio Workout for the week
* Flexibility Training for the week
* Strength Training for the week
* Weight Loss for the month
* Appointment Tracker
* Annual Appointments
* Long Term Care Notes
* Cover Page 

14 pages in all! Print this colorful/inspirational Health and Fitness Planner one page at a time as needed or print enough for the entire year and store it in a stylish binder. Whatever helps you to be the most organized along the way. Start tracking your fitness goals, workouts, nutrition requirements and find yourself on the way to meeting your overall goals for the new year. Get organized and get in shape!

Here are a few pictures of the items that I received from Sweet Simple Life:

I took one of her fitness calendars and printed it out! I use this monthly calendar to keep track of how many times a month I workout! I use cute stickers to keep track! This month smiley faces! Cause I am SO happy that at the end of the month I will have only 4 weeks left of work then it will be sweet, sweet summer time!! I love using stickers cause it not only is fun  but it is appealing to the eye! It is also an easy way for me to hold myself accountable ! I hang it up on our family calendar to use daily !

I use her weekly nutrition tracker to keep track of what I am eating! I am trying to lose this baby weight so this has been an awesome tool!!

Here is an idea that I do to stay healthy and fit…I bought this water bottle and marked the amount of ounces I drank to keep me motivated ! This container has 56oz total! This way I know how much water I am drinking during the day and I am able to keep track!

Get healthy!!

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