Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Concrete Slab goes from Drab to Fab !

We have this concrete slab at the bottom of our deck stairs! It is pretty boring!! My neighbor came over and gave us a great idea to lay flagstone on the slab! Now flagstone is pretty expansive...but our neighbors are pretty awesome and had left over flagstone from their old patio. This project = $0 cost! They are amazing neighbors and like 2nd parents to us! We are truly blessed and grateful!!

Here is a sneak preview...

So my neighbor let us take what we needed and my husband and I got to work!! He first washed down all the stone!

Then we laid the stone out on the conrete slab to see how we wanted it to look!

 Kevin got all the necessities that he needed at HD so we did have to spend a little money!

#2- bags of mortar mix
#2- bottles of concrete bonding mix
#1- 5 gallon bucket

He mixed it all together and got to work!

It drys pretty quickly (15 minutes) so we had to work quickly!

Once you have all the edges filled in you take a sponge and clean water and clean off the excess mortar on the stones.

Ta-Da! He is pretty amazing right?

I am so impressed with my man! This was his first time ever using mortar or putting down flagstone so I was super pleased and proud of him!!

Here is a sneak preview of what part of our patio is going to look like! We had grass and weeds under our deck and where my garden is! We laid down black liner material and pinned it into the ground. We then are going to lay river rock all underneath= less maintenance and cheaper then laying mulch! Only $27 a yard!  We took a few bigger flagstone pieces from my neighbor and laid stepping stones to my garden! My full "How To" will be coming soon!

Sneak Peek Before:

Sneak Peek After (so far):

Stay tuned for the finished product! I am so excited to see it myself!!

It is as Simple as 1-2-3!

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