Monday, April 22, 2013

PVC Piping to the Rescue!

I can't stand messy draws, cabinets and closets. So when I saw this idea it was right up my ally! I found it on Pinterest--Duh! (Lets Decorate).

So I showed my husband and he got right on to making it for me!! He IS the best!

What you will need:

PVC Piping (big enough to fit your hair dryer or whatever tool you want)
J-B Weld

This is what it looks like:

Choose cabinet door:

Take it off the hinge:

Lay it flat on the ground!
He then cut the PVC piping to size and stuck it on the door with the bonding glue. The glue got a little messy so be careful..VERY hard to remove. 

"Measure twice cut once!"

After two days I was able to use my handy-dandy holders!

He cut grooves in the curling iron holders just in case I wanted to interchange them I would be able to. But me and my OCDness is planning on labeling each pipe so I know what tool goes where =)!


He is pretty handy!!

It is as Simple as 1-2-3!

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