Monday, April 22, 2013

Bowling with Sight Words

So in my classroom I try to be as creative as possible with the learning process! As most of you know I am a teacher in a self contained classroom. Legally I am allowed up to 8 kids in the classroom. This year I only have 6!

One of my students LOVES to bowl! So I found this amazing idea on no other then my fave website.... PINTEREST! 

SOOOO I found this bowling set at the good old dollar store and I had the labeling machine so total cost for this project is... you got it.. $1.00!

Print out 10 sight words that you are currently working on, you can interchange them as you go! I did some new and some old for review! I do this so my students not only have a challenge but also feel successful with learning!

Label the bowling pins and you are good to go!!

When the students are participating in social play this would be a great activity to use!  You are working on social skills (taking turns, verbal cues etc.) as well as ELA goals. When the student bowls whatever pins they knock down they have the read the words out loud to the other students. If they are able to, let them spell the word out loud as well. Take it one step further...have the student use the word in a sentence! I have kids on all different levels so this is a great way to differentiate !

It is as Simple as 1-2-3

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