Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boo-licious Candle Holder!

Halloween is just around the corner so I wanted to start doing some crafts! The first project I worked on was this glass candle holder.

I had this glass jar from a bouquet of flowers that was delivered to me that I kept:

fall 013
I then used a cricut machine. I  then used 1” lettering and typed out “BOO” four times and put it around the glass jar.

fall 014                   fall 016
I then painted the outside and inside of the glass container with black paint! Make sure you wait for the paint to dry before you touch it! Because it was glass it made it very easy to scratch off the paint.

fall 018 fall 019
After the paint has dried completely  I took the cricut exact-o knife and peeled off the “BOO”.

This is what it looked like after I peeled off the “Boo” from all four sides:

fall 028

You can decorate it anyway you want after you are done with the painting part! These are some of the items I used:

fall 021

fall 029
I then placed a candle on the inside of the glass jar. It is hard to see it but it came out really cute!!
fall 031
fall 038
(With the lights out)…
fall 041

Enjoy xo!


Kara said...

Way cute! i am getting ready to make halloween luminaries out of jars I have been reminds me of this project! I think you will like them...start saving jars! :) LOL


Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

This is genius! Love it... thanks for sharing! :]