Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glass Jars= Candle holders!

I  love Christmas time and wanted to start on some projects a little early! I know, I know September is really early…but have I mentioned I LOVE Christmas!!!

So I was in Michaels and found these clear glass jars. I picked up three of them and walked around the store trying to figure out what I was going to do with them!
Creative Room Design 021
I saw this video on you tube of these woman who used alcohol ink to change the color of the jars. Check it out:
Creative Room Design 022 Creative Room Design 023

What I would suggest:
1) wear gloves…the ink stains!
2) use a plate so that the ink can run down the holder on to the plate…use newspaper…again it will stain your countertops! I had to use nail polish remover to get it off everything!!
3) I did three coats of this ink. The more you do the darker and cleaner looking it will be!
4) the ink dry's VERY quickly so take your time!
I then used one of my clear ink stamps and placed it on an ink block. I dipped it in the clear ink and placed where I wanted it. I then brushed the stamp with glitter powder and used a heat gun to dry it.

It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it…but for my first “experiment” I think it is is pretty cute!
Creative Room Design 024
I would suggest putting a gold fat candle on the inside of the candle holders!

Next time I am going to write a word on each candle ex: Joy or Peace… instead of going around the candle with a certain pattern. I feel that it was hard to do this and try to make it even and neat at the same time!  I will go darker on the glitter as well!

3 glass jars: $1.99/each at Michaels
Cranberry Adirondack Alcohol ink: $10.00/for a package of 3
Glitter (already had it)
Stamps and clear ink pad (already had it)
Heat Gun: $25 (Martha Stewart)




The Preira Family said...

Very Cute!

Bryan and Katie said...

super cute! hand made stuff is so much better than bought stuff!