Saturday, September 18, 2010

FaLl Is In ThE aIr!

So I finally started my outside decorations!
My sister told me of a great find at the dollar store! So I stopped in and got four of these pumpkins!
FOOD 003

I wasn’t a fan of the texture or color so I decided to spray paint them… black & white!

FOOD 046  
FOOD 029
I got this “welcome” sign from Michaels last year after the season was over so it was a steal! Best part about it was that it was like opening up a new gift for myself since I didn’t use it last year!
FOOD 035
I got the two corn husks from Adams Fair Acre Farms $4 each!
FOOD 030
I got this pumpkin from Adams as well $3.  I used the Cricut to make the “S”. I used 7inch font size. It was really easy to place on the pumpkin and came out really nicely!
FOOD 028
I was able to get our dog Jack to sit for 2 minutes so I could take the picture! He is a stud! =)
fall 001
What ideas do you have to decorate? I have seen some great ones on some of your pages!!


simple as 1 2 3


Bryan and Katie said...

LOVE the 's' pumpkin! I might totally copy that! did you use vinyl or paper?

Melissa Stewart said...

Thx cousin! I used Vinyl! Worked out perfectly!

Danielle said...

Jack is sooo big!!