Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Bash Ideas

I have a “Halloween” Birthday dinner for my husband every year. Last year I did a witch theme! And the year before I did a wedding theme. This year I think I will do the  witch theme again I want to expand on it! Any ideas??? Suggestions?? Here are some pictures from Kevin’s 2008 Halloween birthday!!
kev 2
kev kev1  kev halloween
I used all inexpensive items from around the house to make a lot of my projects!!
I will be posting pictures of what my new projects will be for this years Halloween Bash! I am focusing on the outside and my dining room! It takes about a good week to put everything together just for the inside of my house! So I am starting early on the outside! When I am done with some of the projects I will post them!!
Here is a project I worked on for the 2008 Halloween Party (Marthastewart.com) :
Head-Waiter How-To
1. Two days before your party, crumple 10 paper towels and several swaths of gauze (enough to cover the display surface). Dip each in brewed coffee, and set to dry, in their crumpled state, where they won't be disturbed. This will give the towels and gauze a wrinkled, veiny appearance.
2. Prepare the head: Mix a solution of 2 tablespoons flour, 1 tablespoon corn syrup (or use Mod Podge glue), and 1 tablespoon coffee. Stir with a craft stick, and then use it to apply a thin layer to one section of a Styrofoam head. Uncrumple paper towels, and spread over that section; repeat until surface is covered. Place the gauze on a tray and the head waiter in the center, or display him on a sideboard or buffet.

It looked awesome!!

A project I worked on last year was mice! It was SO easy and so much fun to do! I cut them out and then laminated them so I could use them again! I put tape on the back of them and taped them to the bottom of the floor, to the furniture etc! Looked great!! Here is the link (OF COURSE from my dearest Martha Stewart!!) so if any of you bloggers want to try it out here ya go:

simple as 1 2 3

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