Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 Days of Organizational Tips (Day 7)

Day 7: If you CAN'T see it then you WON'T use it!

Last tip!! This is important! If you CAN'T see it then you WON'T use it! Have you ever looked in a cabinet and couldn't find something so you went to the grocery store to buy it to only come home and find the item you were looking for in duplicates?? I do this ALL the time! This will be an entry on how to reorganize a closet (aka: my pantry). I will be posting a few more posts in the next few weeks of products I have fallen in love with when organizing! In this post I will be showing you a product called:  Label Once

So lets start with my pantry!!

So I cleaned the ENTIRE closet out:
 I couldn't stand the grates...everything drops through them! So I saw this awesome idea on a blog..vinyl tiling! Peel it and stick it to the grates! It doesn't mess up the grates it just holds everything in place!
 Place the tile on the shelves.
 We had to cut one piece to fit perfectly.
 So I piled everything back in..after throwing away a bunch of stuff...
 If you like my snack box check this blog entry out here to make your own!

I liked it but it was still chaos ! Especially the baking shelf. I had a basket filled with items and the extra sugar and flour where in bags. I couldn't see anything! SOOO..


 I got lock and seal lids and filled them with my loose items. I then got rid of the bin and laid out everything I had. There were items in there that I never knew I had and items (like pudding) that I had in masses!

I got these amazing labels from amazon!

 Labeled the canisters!
 Awesome thing about these is that it comes with the marker, eraser and labels. The marker is actually permanent and it won't come off unless you use the eraser for it! Check it out:

And bye bye it goes!

I also use this on leftovers in the fridge. You slap a label on the container and place the date on the label. You then know when you made it for freshness!

I also use them to label the shelves in my refrigerator so everyone knows where items go! Check out the post about my  "Grab & Go"  method here: Day 4!

I hope you enjoyed my 7 days of organizational tips!! 
 Stay tuned for my organizational ideas!!

It is as simple as 1-2-3!


Brittany LearninginGrace said...

I LOVE how you are sharing all your organization tips!!! Pinning these for our new house!! Stopping over from http://learningingrace.blogspot.com/ thanks for commenting :P and sharing your blog with me! I love it :)

Melissa said...

Thank you! =)