Tuesday, May 14, 2013

7 Days of Organizational Tips (Day 1)

Day 1:

Your house has zones..yes I said it ZONES.

For example: 

Your bathroom has a counter top, under the sink storage, medicine cabinet and maybe even a linen closet. That is 4 zones right there. The "zone" is where the function occurs.

I got this amazing tip from Alejandra  she gave the following example:


Preparing (counters)
Cooking & baking (stove, oven, microwave)
Eating (kitchen table)
Cleaning up (sink area, dishwasher)
Storing (cabinets, pantry, refrigerator) 

She listed 5 zones!

 Start to de-clutter these areas so that the function of them can be used appropriately!

So lets take a look at under the cabinet in my bathroom ( one of my zones):

YIKES! I know!

Well lets start with what I did to organize this disaster of a zone ! Hello Dollar Tree!

On a $20 budget this is what I got:

Cotton balls and makeup remover pads! 80 pads for $1.00 great buy!

 2 glass jars with easy twist off tops!
 Cabinet liners, I bought 4 rolls ( LOVE this stuff!)
 Zip lock bags-BRAND NAME 'Hefty' 15 bags for $1.00 = GREAT deal! ( I did not use them under my cabinet but it was included in my $20 deal!)
 9 Stack-able containers- they come in 3 different colors pink, blue and green. =)
Ok soooo lets start!

 First clean out the area!

 Put liner down:

Second determine what you are using this 'zone' for. Ask yourself "what is the function?"

I am using my under cabinet to store my lotion and hair accessorizes etc.! I am cleaning out my draws and cabinet and organizing all my items in one place! Use your vertical space!! That is all empty space that is not used appropriately so USE IT!

Third: Start to organize with your new items! Remember working on a budget IS possible! I had to move the bins around so they would fit but it was possible!

I placed all my items into the containers..

 I not only used my vertical space but also my horizontal space by placing the jars on the bottom of the cabinet. Check out an older post on how I upgraded our guest bathroom with similar jars for our guests! (Bathroom Upgrade With Dollar Store Finds)
If you look to the right side you will see my handy dandy PVC piping holders! Check out how I did it here: PVC Piping To The Rescue

Fourth: LABEL.. I am big on this! I would label everything if I could! I am VERY visual and enjoy knowing where everything goes!

The finished product:
I hung my hair dryer in the back on the pipes. It is light enough and the pipes hold another purpose!





  1. Select the space you want to declutter
  2. Determine your zones (what functions occur in the space you selected?).
  3. Determine what this zone is used for. You might use a cabinet for one thing while I would use it for another. Make it functional..if you wont stick to it...don't do it.
  4. When you choose the area you are going to be conquering.. post it below and let me know what you did and how you did it! I am excited to see what you are going to do!!
It is as simple as 1-2-3!

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