Monday, May 13, 2013

"Where we came from.." WEDDING SEASON!

So anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE WEDDINGS! In my next life I am pretty sure I will be a wedding planner!

Here are a few crafts I have done for  recent weddings and wedding showers:

 Cute right?

Here is the newest one! This wedding was just this past mother's day weekend! The bride wanted a sign that said "Where We Came From.." She then wanted to post pictures of her parents, grandparents, as well as her future husbands parents and grandparents above the sign! One of her bridesmaids found the colored paper to match her themed color which was a "sangria" color! I cut it to size...

I used my Silhouette machine and cut out the words! I used the font from Kevin & Amanda!

I used photo squares to stick the white paper down onto the purple paper.

It was hole punched and strung with ribbon!


What an awesome idea right?

I LOVE weddings!!!

It was as simple as 1-2-3!

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