Thursday, May 30, 2013

Organizing Your Closet

Have you ever walked into your closet and just wanted to scream?? I have! It can be overwhelming with new clothes, old clothes, clean clothes, dirty clothes and your spouses clothes!!

This is what my closet looked like at first:

 I had it "color coded" but everything was thrown on top of each other with no rhyme or reason.

 I found these awesome baskets at Home Depot and got to work!
 I also got this great hook. My husband hung it up for me along with the two top hooks. The hooks on top are for my husbands hats while the black and white hook rod is for my jewelry, my husbands belts and my light weight hair scarfs.

 I also got this double hook basket. It holds my bracelets on top and my shawls on the bottom.

 As you can see it looks so much better! I labeled each box. Example: Blue & Green Sweaters/ Pink & White T-shirts etc.

I folded up all my jeans and placed them on top of one another. I did the same for my shorts and capris.

 I color coded my sweatshirts and placed them on the top shelf.
 My husband built me shoe racks for my shoes. I color coded them as well. The left side is for my brown/tan shoes with my brown boots next to them, the middle is for my black and colored shoes and the rack to the left is for my cream colored shoes with my black boots next to them. I put my Ugg boots at the bottom of my black shoes and placed all my flip flops in a basket with my sneakers!

 I color coded all my dress shirts...
 And dress pants & skirts...

I did the same on my husbands side...

So pretty and ORGANIZED!


Here are some other great closet ideas:

It is as simple as 1-2-3!

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